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"Bound to Be Free" CD

Jim Radford's second release is a collection of 13 eclectic modern Christian Music songs that span may genera. Listen to the MP3 samples and discover his faith inspired musical style. SEE: REVIEW


1. Bound to Be Free - SAMPLE
2. Wannabe - SAMPLE
3. A Kingdom of Your Own - SAMPLE
4. Higher, Prior Call - SAMPLE
5. Now All that I Can Do - SAMPLE
6. He Gave Them Power - SAMPLE
7. A Place to Stand - SAMPLE
8. Who Follows Me Quartet - SAMPLE
9. Gave Myself Away - SAMPLE
10. Your Life Is in My Life - SAMPLE
11. Still Gonna Trust - SAMPLE
12. I Have Engraven You (Isaiah 49:13-16) - SAMPLE
13. Walk in Jerusalem - SAMPLE

Thanks and Acknowledgments

Thank you, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; God yesterday, today, and forever; God-the-first-time, God the- second-time, and God-the-third-time—Father-Son and Holy Spirit—for knowing what things I have need of before I even ask you, and for doing all things well. My times are in your hands.

To all the players—Robby Meadows, Rick Murray, Jeremy Medkiff, Joel Key, T.J. Payne, Christopher Marion, Hamilton Hardin, Will McFarlane, Cindy Richardson Walker, Marie Lewey—these songs sound as good as they do only because you’re the ones doing them. I am so humbled by your formidable talents and continued willingness to be a part of my life and music. You’re a dream come true. God loves you, and I certainly do, too.

Richard Leigh, I’m pretty sure that the Holy Spirit inspired and motivated me to write “A Place to Stand” because you were coming the very next day to Emmaus (King George, VA) for one of your house concert/ songwriting workshops. I know and pray that God blesses what you’re doing to share those pearls of wisdom and life lessons coming from your experiences. And thank you, Betty Jo Tyson, for making it possible for Richard to come in the first place.

Bob Schamerhorn, thanks for the nice stuff you’ve done with the graphics and the website. Louie and Susan Swift, thanks for your family-style and client-centered attention to detail. I thank you all for the creation and manufacture of this project and the future ones we have yet to do.”

Gayle Davis, this work exists in no small part because of you. I thank you, bless you, and love you, and I know that the Lord our God will honor your expression of faith of love for him and for me. You folks at Donovan Memorial UMC and Cherry Grove UMC were truly gracious and generous to me as well. Jonathan Hornsby, thanks so much for your continued friendship, interest, involvement, and prayers, and for your willingness to lend me your ears. To my family: you have been so great and supportive. I love you all.


Musician Photo Musician Photo Musician Photo Musician Photo
Jim Radford
piano, vocals and
Jeremy Medkiff
acoustic and electric guitars
Robby Meadows
Rick Murray
Musician Photo Musician Photo Musician Photo Musician Photo
Hamilton Hardin
horn arrangements,
trumpets and tenor saxes
Marie Lewey
background vocals
Cindy Richardson Walker
background vocals
Will McFarlane
electric guitars
Musician Photo Musician Photo Musician Photo
T.J. Payne
Joel Key
acoustic and electric guitars
Christopher Marion
string arrangement,
violins, viola, cello


All songs written and composed by Jim Radford, except “Walk in Jerusalem,” composer unknown.
Engineered, edited, and mixed by Robby Meadows Studio Productions in Harrisonburg, Virginia • 540-649-1792
Produced by Jim Radford and Robby Meadows
Horn and string arrangements by Christian Howes String Productions, Columbus, Ohio www.christianhowes.com
Cindy Richardson Walker and Marie Lewey background vocals, and Will McFarlane guitar overdubs,
recorded by Jimmy Nutt at The Nutthouse Recording Studio, Sheffield, Alabama www.thenutthouse.com
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Mayfield Mastering, Nashville, Tennessee •www.mayfieldmastering.com
Cover art by Jim Harris of ArtWorX • www.jim-harris.artistwebsites.com
Photos of Jim Radford by Sarah Radford
Graphic Design by Bob Schamerhorn at Infinity Graphics • www.infinity-graphics.com
©&℗2014 Jim Radford. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited. JRD-002

Review by Lins Honeyman of Cross Rhythms Music & Life

"The second album from Virginian singer/songwriter and pianist Jim Radford continues where his 2013 debut "Who Says?" left off with a collection of faith-based songs which often take Scripture as their starting point. Largely sticking to an easy going country-tinged sound, Radford's gentle vocals are backed by a great band which includes a horn section, female backing singers and one-time Bonnie Raitt guitarist Will McFarlane and they provide the necessary oomph to make each song work. A number of faith-based topics are covered from adversity in "Still Gonna Trust" to meeting an old friend post-conversion in "Gave Myself Away" whilst the book of Isaiah is directly referenced to good effect in "I Have Engraven You". Elsewhere, the somewhat wordy "A Place To Stand" responds to the world view that God does not exist or, at best, there is no one true deity with intelligence whilst the confessional "Wannabe" sees the singer in self-effacing mode. A fun take on the Mahalia Jackson classic "Walk In Jerusalem" in which Radford wisely avoids attempting to imitate the great lady but instead lets his band and backing singers up the ante closes another fine release from a prolific singer/songwriter." SEE: ACTUAL REVIEW






©2013 Jim Radford. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.