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Song Sample: 9. Gave Myself Away


Lyrics: Gave Myself Away

He called my name at a football game,
And I turned to look around,
Sitting behind me was an old friend of mine,
He was a fellow from my hometown,
And he said, “Jim, how are ya?”
And I said, “Fine, John, and you?”
He said, “I heard from Dave that you got saved.”
And I said, “Well, yeah, that’s true.”

He said,
“Why did you choose to stop singing the blues
And start thinking about your soul?”
“The last word on you I heard,
You were in love with that rock-‘n’-roll,
So, if you don’t mind me asking,
Would you just please tell me why?”
You see, he left no doubt that he was checking me out
And I started to reply: I just said—

Chorus: I gave myself away,
I gave myself away,
I took a good look at Jesus,
And I gave myself away,
Because I couldn’t hack life in a world gone black,
Surrounded by shades of gray,
But when I looked into Jesus’ eyes
And knew he saw through my best disguise,
And he loved me through my darkest lies,
I gave myself away.

But then his face went pale as I told my tale,
He could not believe his ears,
He stared at me and wondered how could it be,
Because he’d known me for so many years,
But then he quickly changed the subject,
And he began to turn away,
But though he tried to hide, I knew, deep inside,
He was wishing that he could say: Chorus

©2013 Jim Radford. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.

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©2013 Jim Radford. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.