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Song Sample: 7. A Place to Stand


Lyrics: A Place to Stand

Archimedes said, “A lever that is long enough
And a place to stand would let me move the earth.”
But many will insist that such a place does not exist,
That it’s not real is their two cents (for what it’s worth).
But I have found the way;
It’s through the Rock of Ages—
Secure and sturdy—that will never let me down,
Allowing me to trod upon the highway to our God
And to the Truth, the Life, the Glory, and the Crown.

I am walking on a firm and sure foundation.
The living Word of God, by which I stand,
That spoke into existence the creation,
Upholds me with his strong and mighty hand.

Yet even friends say, “This is just your own opinion,
And your claim to know is something we deny.
One cannot prove the ground
of Archimedes to have found,
And to declare and think you’ve done that is a lie.”
But I respond, “I don’t just think.
I know for certain,
For it’s by faith that I believe, and thus I know:
The proof is in the love sent from our
Father God above
And in the Cross of Christ because he told me so.”




Still there are others who object, for all religions
Share a common partial glimpse into the light,
And they demand that none can really be the only one
Who makes and stakes alone the claim to being right,
But one who can, the very image of the Father,
Is heir to all the titles, privileges, and claims,
In rising from the dead,
Lord Jesus Christ is now the head;
His is the holy name above all other names.


©2013 Jim Radford. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.

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©2013 Jim Radford. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.