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Song Sample: 1. Bound to Be Free


Lyrics: Bound to Be Free

They are so foolish, yet remarkably wise,
And they are blind, yet have such very good eyes,
Their hearts are broken, yet their spirits are whole,
They’re losing their lives, yet they are gaining their souls

And they are weak, yet they’re incredibly strong,
Always rejoicing, yet they’re suffering long,
Acting like servants, yet they’re walking like kings,
And having nothing, yet they possess everything

Chorus: Nobody reigns them, yet they abide in the Spirit
Of the King of all the nations,
Nobody stains them, yet they’re dyed in the blood
Of the Lamb of Calvary,
Nobody finds them, yet they’re found at the footstool
Of the Master of all creation,
Nobody binds them, yet they are bound to be free

They’re meek and humble, yet they’re awfully proud,
Their words are soft, and yet their praises are loud,
Cunning as serpents, yet they’re harmless as doves,
They have died to the world,
yet they’ve been born from above


©2013 Jim Radford. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.

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©2013 Jim Radford. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.