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Who Said? CD

Song Sample: 11. The Lifeline


Lyrics: The Lifeline

Following you, Lord, at first was so easy,
I could not have tired had I tried,
For knowing your touch had enthralled me so much
That I never felt empty inside,
But now there are sometimes when I get so weary
That I do not know what to do,
And I’m glad just to find a hold on the Lifeline
That keeps me abiding in you.

Well, I know if I searched with my whole heart
I’d find you,
But wholeness is not in my heart,
When it seems my calls do not get past the walls
And my weaknesses tear me apart,
But you have a power made perfect in weakness,
And though I may feel I’m alone,
I know in the meantime I’m held by the Lifeline
When I have no strength of my own.

Chorus: I cannot explain it, I only can say that I know,
No matter what happens, the Lifeline will not let me go,
And even in times when it seems not much more than a thread,
The Lifeline can hold me if it can raise you from the dead.

So now I’ll keep on going by faith, without feeling,
Believing you’ll answer my doubt,
Until I have heard, I will rest on your word,
And I’ll wait for the Sun to come out,
And I will remember that I did not choose you,
But you were the One who chose me,
And I’ll walk, though I’m still blind,
While holding the Lifeline,
Until I am able to see.


©2013 Jim Radford. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.

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©2013 Jim Radford. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.