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Jim Radford writes psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs in a medley of musical genres—jazz, blues, rock, country, folk, gospel–while incorporating a variety of original styles in order to transcend the conventional boundaries of tradition. Read more about Jim's thoughts on Christian music HERE or read his latest PERSPECTIVE.


Within this site you will find a wealth of information on Jim Radford and his MUSIC, including MP3 samples from his latest projects and a schedule of appearances. Please CONTACT us if you feel our music and ministry could be of service to you or your organization.

NEWS: "Incarnation 2" CD Review

Lins Honeyman of Cross Rhythms Music and Life radio:
…Delivered with his trademark warm and gentle vocal delivery and with an impressive backroom team that consists of Bonnie Raitt guitarist Will McFarlane and renowned producer Robby Meadows amongst others, Radford evidences his substantial theological knowledge to good effect in the title track before riffing off the thoughts of a French Catholic philosopher in the intelligent but accessible "Maritain Said".… SEE: FULL ARTICLE AT CROSS RHYTHMSINCARNATION 2 CD

"Incarnation 2" CD NOW AVAILABLE!

Jim's fourth CD project, "Incarnation 2" with thirteen new tracks including: 1. Incarnation 2 • 2. I Will Proclaim the Name of the Lord (Deuteronomy 32:3-4) • 3. Dayspring • 4. Perfect Love Trio • 5. O Love Divine, What Hast Thou Done • 6. Maritain Said • 7. Nothing but the Blood Medley • 8. Pastor of a Local UMC • 9. Oh, Glory How Happy I Am • 10. I Am the Way • 11. Solid Rock (My Hope Is Built) • 12. Into the Mystic/Panis Angelicus • 13. Little Martha. CLICK HERE

NEWS: Lins Honeyman - Interview

Lins Honeyman of Cross Rhythms quizzed singer, songwriter and pianist Jim Radford

The music scene populated by Christians has a healthy tradition of so-called late starters with the likes of soul singer Naomi Shelton and bluesman Leo 'Bud' Welch both making their recording debuts in their autumn years despite decades of music making away from recording studios. Add to that list Scottsville, Virginia-based singer/songwriter and pianist Jim Radford - not to be confused with his British folk singer and peace campaigner namesake - who, since 2013, has released three albums chock full of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs which stylistically reflect the man's lifelong love of jazz, blues, country and anything else that takes his fancy. SEE: FULL ARTICLE AT CROSS RHYTHMS


Jim's third CD project, "Draw the Line/Blur the Line" with thirteen new tracks including: 1) Draw the Line/Blur the Line, 2) What a Fellowship Medley, 3) I Want Jesus to Walk with Me, 4) How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours, 5) Make Me a Captive, Lord, 6) Glory in My Weakness, 7) He’s Broken Down the Wall, 8) He Lives, 9) Give Thanks (Psalm 118), 10) Riley, 11) This Little Light of Mine, 12) They that Wait upon the Lord, 13) When They Ring the Golden Bells. CLICK HERE SEE: REVIEW

Review: "Who Says?" CD

Cross Rhythms, a ministry located in Staffordshire, England, that owns and operates three 24/7 Christian-content radio stations in Britain and has branches in India and Thailand, and just recently began a station broadcasting into the Middle East, has recently posted a review of "Who Says?". SEE: REVIEW

Review: "Bound To Be Free" CD

Lins Honeyman of Cross Rhythms Music and Life radio has recently posted a review of Jim Radford's second CD, "Bound to Be Free." SEE: REVIEW

OTHER CD's Available

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