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Song Sample: 6. Maritain Said


Chorus: “Je n’adore que Dieu,” I adore God only,
“Je n’adore que Dieu,” Jacques Maritain said,
If you want to know,
you must put being before doing,
You must put your heart before your head,
“Je n’adore que Dieu,” I believe I’ll do
What Maritain said.

Jacques Maritain said
Being precedes human knowledge,
If one intends to know the first
And highest truth,
For what truth is cannot be taught
Or learned in college,
What science does
Cannot provide us with the proof.

And Maritain would not relent
On modernistic argument—
That Truth, if even real, is only in the mind—
And, like Aquinas, he insists
That one can prove that God exists
And, rightly seeking, one shall find. Chorus


Jacques Maritain said
God gives us a disposition,
And to our being as the object and the act
Of God, by grace through faith,
He grants us intuition,
Thus we perceive that His existence is a fact.

Against the thinkers who oppose
Beliefs that truly do suppose
The Universal Absolute is really real,
The thing one knows but cannot see,
And faith’s most cherished Mystery,
We apprehend and really feel.


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